Your Kiddo Now Is Able To Play On A Swing/Balance Beam On His Own

At this stage, your child is now able to play on swings and beam balance. She will enjoy to play on playgrounds and mix with her circle of friends. She will like to swing her legs to kick the ball, run for a race and go up and down the stairs.

What you need to know

Your little one is developing her gross motor skills. She is loving the changes and it is your duty to give an environment to help her in her physical growth. Play with her in the nearby playground. Appreciate her kicks, jumps, hops and sliding.

Your Kiddo Now Is Able To Play On A Swing/Balance Beam On His Own

These are challenging for a kid as it requires a lot of muscle coordination. This type of games also help in coordination of all the parts of the body be it eyes, hands, legs etc. Be a part of everything she loves to do. Assign her time limit for everything. Start setting a routine for all her activities. Be lenient but start practicing as she learns the importance of time. Listen to her whenever she wants to converse with you and give your expert comments wherever required. Before coming to any conclusion think from her point of view too.

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