Your Kiddo Now Likes To Tell Jokes Or Funny Incidences In School & Home

Once your kiddo is back from school, he just can’t keep quiet, isn’t it? There is so much he wants to tell about all that has happened in school and is super excited to share these incidences with you. His life is now full of excitement and activities. He is more aware of his surroundings, has a keen observation power and also the memory to store these incidences. As his communication skills are much better, he is able to clearly narrate all these incidences. Even some jokes that he might have heard from someone will find its way back to you. Your Kiddo Now Likes To Tell Jokes Or Funny Incidences In School & Home

What you need to know

Be involved in your child’s life and always be there to listen to him. You are the most important person in his life right now and he loves to make you a part of his life, so he wants to share everything with you. This is the time for life-long bond building and your attention is all that it demands.

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