Your Kiddo Now Will Try To Imitate Her Friends

Your child is exploring his world with friends. He observes his friends and also tries to imitate their behaviours. As long as it has a good influence on your little one it's absolutely fine. However, if he behaves inappropriately, the behaviour needs to be checked. Ask him from where he has learnt and keep an eye on what’s happening. Observe him while he is at play with his friends. All of this is a part of growing up and this way your little one learns which behaviour is acceptable and which is not. Your Kiddo Now Will Try To Imitate Her Friends

What you need to know

Your little one imitates  his friends and learns many skills like sharing, taking turns, cooperating, etc., which help him develop friendship. At times you may also see him getting aggressive, playing alone or saying, “He is not my friend.” Talk to your child and find out what happened and keep a watch on how he plays with his friends, the language used, etc. 

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