Your Kiddo Should Learn To Lose

Your Kiddo Should Learn To Lose

At this age, there is a lot happening during playtime. While your kid is having all the fun, he is also learning. 

What you need to know:

It is not only about winning the game; you must gauge your child’s capacity of losing the game also. You must train a child by explaining both the terms to him: win and lose. He must build a positive attitude towards both, so that later in life it will be easy for a child to accept both. At this point, your kiddo is learning how to solve problems and discovering new concepts, like what sinks and floats. He will experiment with new roles and language during dress-up time, and figure out how to use his body in new ways on the playground. Play is the true work of childhood. This gives them the self-confidence they need to build loving and supportive relationships as they grow.

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