Your Kiddo Understands And Follows Habits Of Basic Hygiene

Your Kiddo Understands And Follows Habits Of Basic Hygiene

At this stage, your little one surprises you with her understanding of the things around her, and is steadily turning into a self reliant person. Hence, this is the perfect time to inculcate good hygiene habits in her.

What you need to know:
You need to teach her to start taking care of her body. She should by now learn personal hygiene such as brushing her teeth, washing her hands, taking regular showers and using the toilet properly. Also, teach her how to clean her nose especially when she has a runny or blocked nose, to be gentle as hard blowing can cause a nose bleed. During an infection. Remind her to keep her mouth covered while sneezing or coughing as germs can spread causing discomfort to others around her.

These habits can be inculcated in her by teaching her how to do it and applauding her when done properly. You can tell her how much toilet paper to use by counting the squares and how many drops of hand wash to use. When she is acting clumsy about hygiene you should be gentle with her and teach her the importance of maintaining the same.