Your Kiddo Will Begin To Understand Numerical Concepts

Your Kiddo Will Begin To Understand Numerical Concepts
Arithmetic Skills

Your little one now understands basic math concepts. He knows what are odd and even numbers. He can count upto 200. If you give him a number, say, 34 and ask him to count from there, he can do so. He understands that plus means to add, minus means to take away and equals mean equal to. He also understands how to skip count by 10s and 5s. He recognizes basic shapes like circles, squares, triangles, can count their sides and combine them to create a new one. 

What you need to know

Provide plenty of opportunities to your child to get a better sense of age appropriate Math concepts. Playing board games involving numbers and its operations will add to his learning.

Ask your child questions on addition, subtraction where he mentally uses strategies to find the solution. He may use his fingers or objects to keep track of how many less or how many more a number is.