Your Kiddo Will Look At Authority Figures To Inform His Ideas

Your little darling is always full of ideas. He wants to try new things, experiment, make rules for games and even invent his own games. Being in the chirpy and talkative stage, your child will always be sharing these ideas with you. He also looks at you as an authority figure who will appreciate and give credit to his ideas. He is still experimenting with his cognitive abilities and your approval would be important for him to cement his ideas.Your Kiddo Will Look At Authority Figures To Inform His Ideas

What you need to know

Kids this age are extremely imaginative and this is one of the best assets that they can carry forward with them in life. It is important that as parents we never discredit or make fun of their ideas as it might put them off completely from being creative. Being continuously laughed at for bringing unworthy ideas would be a set back to their self-esteem and self-confidence.

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