Your Kiddo Will Now Be Able To Express Through Written Sentences

Your child learns a lot from his environment, be it friends at play, in the school, after school activities or from his family. Besides, reading regularly adds to his language skills. 

With his experiences and knowledge gained, he will have ideas on different topics and wants to share them with everyone. Either he expresses verbally or may write it down. For instance, if he is making a birthday card for his best friend, he may write in a sentence, “To my Dear Friend, Wishing you Happy Birthday! Live, laugh and enjoy!” He may even draw his friend’s favourite cartoon. This way his writing takes an all new level where he uses his creativity and intelligence.

Your Kiddo Will Now Be Able To Express Through Written Sentences

What you need to know

Give your child opportunities where he explores little more independence in writing. For instance, you can start a sentence and let him complete it. “I loved the picnic because__________” OR “Birthday parties make me_______”

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