Your Kiddo Will Now Be Respectful Of Things Belonging To His Friends

This is one of the most wonderful years for you and your child now that your little darling is leaving toddlerhood and entering pre-school. Your baby has now better control over his emotions and is more expressive of his feelings. There would still be instances of emotional outbursts, throwing a fit and not being willing to share with friends, but these instances will be fewer and far spaced. Now when your little darling plays with his friends he is more respectful towards their feelings and their toys. Your Kiddo Will Now Be Respectful Of Things Belonging To His Friends

What you need to know

In his little life so far, your child has had many experiences and has learnt a lot from them. He now knows how he feels when his favorite toy is broken and knows that this is the same feeling his friend will get if his toy is broken. This sense of empathy makes him more responsible towards others things.




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