Your Kiddo Will Now Display Positive Interactions In Groups

At this age, your child will have a certain sense of self-control in him. He is willing to take part in games and make suggestions for play. He is more approachable and responds to others positively in a group. Also he is more likely to start a conversation within a group, more open about hearing or learning others point of views or ways of doing things in a positive way. 

What you need to know:

Your Kiddo Will Now Display Positive Interactions In Groups

At this point, your child learns a lot about relationships, he learns the nitty-gritty things of it. During this period of time, he learns ways to get his things. But how good or bad the way is, you have to tell him, you have to step in, take over, and tell him what to do. This constant guidance and support of yours will make him feel that he is not capable of working it out by him-self and keeps him reliant on you for all his crucial decisions. 

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