Your Kiddo Will Now Know Names Of The Planets In The Solar System

Now that your darling is going to school, he will come back every day with some new things and concepts learnt. During these years, the school curriculum will give him exposure to some science concepts including the solar system. You would be amazed the day he comes back and rattles off the names of the planets of the solar system. He now understands the concept of Earth and other planets. The concept of sun, moon, stars and how they are connected to each other has started making sense to him.Your Kiddo Will Now Know Names Of The Planets In The Solar System

What you need to know

Children learn better through visual inputs rather than just text. Show your child some videos that have visuals of solar system and how the planets move in an orbit. He will understand it better. Create an environment at home where every new concept learnt at school is discussed and talked about. This will build an interest in your child towards learning.

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