Your Kiddo Will Now Prefer to Play With His Own Age Group

During this period, your prince steps into school and begins to socialise with his peer group. He starts to hold each of his friends very dear and close to him.

What you need to know

Encouraging your prince to move and get along with his own age group will help him to develop important social skills like taking turns, getting along with others, working together, negotiating, compromising, and winning or losing graciously. Occasionally, he may even develop leadership skills and exhibit them with his fellow mates.

Your Kiddo Will Now Prefer to Play With His Own Age Group

He will prefer to share his things with his friends of his own age group than with his siblings or others at home. Sometimes, you will be amazed to see him the way he will protect and defend his peer group in times of petty fights with others. He will seek appreciation from you for the good things he does.

Acknowledging his efforts would be an encouragement. This will develop a strong self-belief in his capacity to achieve. Ensuring some playtime daily with his friends will provide soothing relief to his mind and physical workouts to his body.




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