Your Kiddo Will Now Show Interests In Being A 'Grown-Up'

Your child will now start showing signs of independence and her own personality will start shining through. Children by the age of 7-8 start taking some responsibility of their things and activities. Her exposure outside her home, with her friends and at school is also helping her gain this sense of independence.

What you need to know

When your kid tries to act like an adult and helps you out by taking care of some of her responsibility, she will be a real gem. Your child is now growing a sense of independence and wants to do some of the things with her own hands. She would like to get dressed herself, brush her teeth on her own, take a bath herself, keep away her books and toys carefully, etc. It is important that you appreciate all the efforts your child is making right now because kids thrive on appreciation.

Your Kiddo Will Now Show Interests In Being A 'Grown-Up'

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