Your Kiddo Will Now Take Up Gender Based Roles In Pretend Play

Pretend play and drama is what your child is going to enjoy at this stage. You will see him enacting different scenes using various props.

What you need to know:

With your kid's increased attention span he is able to play longer. Creating dramatic scenes on his own and enacting them out alone, involving you or his friends will be a part of it. In his pretend play, he will now take up gender based roles. Your child begins to understand gender as a stable characteristic and starts to incorporate it into his own identity. For example he will be acting like his dad, Superman or Spiderman, a policeman or any cartoon character like Chhota Bheem or Krishna. He would prefer to play with kids of his own gender.

Your Kiddo Will Now Take Up Gender Based Roles In Pretend Play

Playing with toys like trucks, cars and guns will interest him more. If you see your son playing with a doll or walking in your heels, don’t worry. It does not mean he will start having girly characteristics. He might just be doing it for fun and enjoyment. The best way to help your child develop is to introduce gender neutral as well as gender specific toys to him. 




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