Your Kiddo Will Now Talk A Lot More Than Before

Your little champ is getting taller and smarter every day. She is learning new things about the world around her and cannot wait to share her new found knowledge with you and others. 

What you need to know:

By now, your kid is bustling with excitement. She is already in school and has many stories to tell you. Her vocabulary has reached more than 2000 words now and she can form complex sentences. Needless to say, she is going to try out a lot of those words. This is the time for your kid to form a connection with you and for you to assure her that she can confide in you anytime. As her experience increases outside the house, she needs a close confidante inside the house. 

Your Kiddo Will Now Talk A Lot More Than Before

You can also aid her at this time to further enhance her communication skills. This is important because while your kid is understanding a lot more complex things now than earlier, it is not easy for her to express all that as her vocabulary is still developing. It is highly important that you maintain an environment of openness and friendliness for your child now.




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