Your Kiddo Will Now Use Different Art Materials For An Art Work

This is the age when your child has developed fine motor skills aptly and is now capable of turning his scribblings into nice beautiful creations. Colors, pencils, crayons, oil colors are his best friends now as his imagination is growing wide and ideas pop into his mind every now and then.

What you need to know

Art work is a way of self expression, dealing with situations and making better decisions. Art allows your kid, the freedom of expression and helps in the development of his brain and body. He tends to  become more emotional, understanding and empathetic towards other people's situation and circumstances. Your kid doesn't know right or wrong, the only thing now he understands is how to express his feelings whether they are good or bad, towards a certain person, thing, toy or place.

Your Kiddo Will Now Use Different Art Materials For An Art Work

He, at this tender age cannot contain his excitement and eagerness thus drawing or painting is an absolute platform. You are his pillar of strength at this point in time. Ensure you get your little one what all material he asks for. He will initially create a mess while dealing with water or oil colors and paint brushes, even your walls will serve as a canvas for his budding talent. Pencils, colors, clay and many other things will become his friends, He will seek your presence but don't play as a guide to him.

Let him learn by going through a set of processes. Admiration is the word that needs to adore your lips all the time as encouragement. Continuous appreciation will bring confidence in him to master his piece of art.

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