Your Kiddo Will Now Use Logical Thoughts To Make Decisions

Your child now undergoes tremendous changes in his cognitive abilities. He has a strong self-awareness and uses logical reasoning in solving problems and taking decisions. For instance, he will be better in handling a conflict with his friend than before or will be able to decide on which sports activity to go for when given options.

What you need to know

Teach your child the basics of good decision making. For instance, if he has decided to play tennis, ask him “Why he wants to go for tennis?” OR “What are the other options available?” With each decision, he should be in a position to justify and also take ownership of the consequences of the decision. This takes time but will lay the foundation of raising a good decision maker.

Your Kiddo Will Now Use Logical Thoughts To Make Decisions

In case your child experiences the consequences of making poor decisions, use it as a learning rather than ridiculing the child. Next time, he will be more careful.

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