Your Kiddo Will Willingly Participate In Discussions Pertaining To Topics Of Her Interest

You must have noticed that your princess has become very chatty. With the development of her literary abilities, her communication skills have also improved and this impacts her social development positively. Your child now understands and can participate in complete give and take conversations. She is able to narrate incidents interestingly and sequentially. She has also learnt the ability to negotiate. With her peer group, she is learning to take turns in conversations and can add on to topics that interest her, along with appropriate hand gestures, expressions and eye contact.Your Kiddo Will Willingly Participate In Discussions Pertaining To Topics Of Her Interest

What you need to know

As your child is now having complete conversations with other children and adults, it is important for you to make her understand the social conventions that are important for kids her age. You can teach her how to be respectful and amicable in discussion with others, how to ask questions and answer them. Knowing how to have proper mutual conversations will help your child foster friendships.

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