Your Kiddo's Ability To Solve Conflicts With Others May Now Improve

Your child now values friendship and tries to understand the cause and effect of her actions on her friends. She will use words and try to resolve conflicts. Understanding others feelings and engaging in a cooperative play, helps her to solve problems in a better way when a conflict arises.

What you need to know

Help your child verbalize her thoughts when there has been a conflict. Work on building her conflict-resolution vocabulary. Let her verbalize what can be the possible solution which can satisfy both her and the friend.

Your Kiddo's Ability To Solve Conflicts With Others May Now Improve

Conflicts teach your bundle of joy how to problem solve.  For instance, if she had a fight with her best friend, you can say, “I know how it feels. When I was growing up, it hurt me too. Why don’t both of you talk about it, may be apologize and start being friends again?” Guide her and let her make efforts to resolve the conflict and recover from emotional pain.  




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