Your Kiddo's First School Venture! So Much is Happening!

By now your child must have already begun her maiden voyage to school! A lot is happening when it comes to this new phase of your angel's life. It’s very normal to see kids crying on their first day of school, or even for a couple of weeks after that. However if crying becomes a habit then it is an alarming issue for you.

What you need to know

Once a kid starts going to school this is their first exposure to the real world. This is the time when they actually interact with new people. Some kids turn out wonderfully, they love engaging with new people, whereas others might be little shy.Your Kiddo's First School Venture! So Much is Happening!

They may resist this change and start being cranky. So, at this point of time you need to be sensitive to the moods of your child and deal with any issues very patiently. You have taken extra cautious steps with them. It is advisable to treat them in a friendly way. Listen to them, ask what the real problem is and then try to solve it in a way they understand.

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