Your Kiddo's Height is Increasing Rapidly

Your Kiddo's Height is Increasing Rapidly
7y to 8y
Muscle Strength

At this age your child is growing rapidly and also starts gaining height. Sports, swimming and eatingright plays a crucial role in his sudden growth. This is the time when your little one adds inches to his height seemingly overnight. When your little one starts going to school, he experiences a more disciplined and organised environment than before. Activity in school makes him super active and his body and mind both are working quite rapidly during this time. His sudden growth in height makes him more confident and adds on to his personality.

What you need to know

Though the height is determined genetically but it is also well-known fact that growth depends on certain external factors and nutrition. Short height can be a result of slow growth due to inadequate nutrition. Thus, following a balanced diet is absolutely essential for improving growth prospects. A lot of calcium, minerals, vitamins, proteins should be included in your little ones diet. So please make sure that your child eats healthy and eats in right proportion for a healthy body and mind.

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