Your Kiddo's Likely To Become Better At Sports

Your kiddo spends good amount of time in outdoor physical activities like running, playing, jumping, which promotes gross motor development skills. He is also better in following directions and his concentration and vision have improved considerably. 

Under the able guidance of a coach, good nutrition and encouragement from your side, he can now perform well in organized sports like swimming, gymnastics, martial arts, football to name a few. Besides fitness, these sports teach him teamwork, sportsmanship and value of practice.

Your Kiddo's Likely To Become Better At Sports

What you need to know

Even if your child is involved in an organized sport, allow enough time for free play like riding cycle, running, etc. Limit time spent in front of gadgets and TV. You can keep them for weekends.

Your child needs adequate energy to do well during school and after school activities. Being involved in sports, calls for more attention on eating right and forming good health and hygiene habits. 




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