Your Kiddo's Likely To Use Complex & Creative Strategies To Solve A Problem At Home/School

Your baby now enjoys making friends and spends lot of time in the playground interacting with his friends. He takes great pleasure in initiating games and making small decisions. You would also notice that your child is increasingly using creative and imaginative ways to solve problems. Whether it is an issue of sharing a toy with a sibling at home or taking turns at the swing in the playground, your child will come up with unique ways to handle the situation.Your Kiddo's Likely To Use Complex & Creative Strategies To Solve A Problem At Home/School

What you need to know

Your child is now better developed emotionally and socially. He is having increased levels of social interactions with his peer group and this will make him more adaptive in problem solving. Your child now has the capacity to understand other people’s feeling and actions. They now start to experiment more with others and their own feelings and resolve situations in a more amicable manner. Your child is now more adaptive and this helps his social skills.

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