Your Kiddo's Now Able To Express Her Opinions When Conversing With Adults Or Friends

Your child can carry out a two way conversation, be it with adults or friends. He will understand, give reasons, explain, agree or disagree and conclude. He will use logic and complex sentences while talking.  He will engage in more positive social interactions with his peers.  Developing cognitive skills, growing independence and high sense of self worth helps him be a good communicator.Your Kiddo's Now Able To Express Her Opinions When Conversing With Adults Or Friends

What you can do

Read books to your child and make it more interactive. You can ask him questions like, “What do you think will happen next?” or “How are you finding the story?” This way you are encouraging two- way communication.

When your child communicates with you, say, on how was his day at school, ask questions which will get him to talk more. Give him undivided attention and maintain a positive tone.

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