Your Kiddo's Physical development Is Apt- But Is He Ready To Indulge In Organised Sports?

Your Kiddo's Physical development Is Apt- But Is He Ready To Indulge In Organised Sports?

By this stage, your child has more or less acquired physical skills like running, kicking, jumping, throwing, etc. Children at this age have a natural tendency to be active and therefore they are continuously practicing and improving on their skills. As parents, when we see our nearly 5 year old kicking the ball so well, we are tempted to sign them up for soccer classes, but is it the right age to do that?

What you need to know
It is true that adult led activities like organized games of soccer, tennis, cricket, badminton etc have a lot of advantages as they give your child an opportunity to practice and challenge themselves. Their fitness levels go to the next level and you also see a lot of confidence in their personality. They learn to follow instructions, work in a team and also learn socializing skills.

But every 5 year old may not yet be ready for it. Consider your child’s personality and physical skills before deciding on enrolling for one of these classes. Signing up a kid who is not physically or emotionally ready to handle such sports can lead to a lot of anxiety in the child. The child will think up reasons every day to skip the classes and this will lead to frustration for everyone. In fact signing up too early can actually put off the child from sports forever. So before you put your child for one of these classes, it is best to take trial classes and see how your child adjusts to it before making any commitment.




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