Your Kiddo's Problem Solving Ability is Getting Better

Your Kiddo's Problem Solving Ability is Getting Better

Your child can now walk and talk. He can interact without any issue and the best oart of it is that now his problem solving skills are getting better as well, as his cognitive development is happening in full swing.

What you need to know
This is the correct time when you as a mother need to help the child learn about problem solving. There might be several questions in the child’s mind which need to be solved so that he can learn. You can offer basic activities to the kid so that he can learn through observation and practice.

What you can do
Offer a bunch of keys to the kid with a single lock. Ask him to figure out which key will open the lock. Let him try on his own. Sit there to observe the kid in order to learn his approach. You can also ask the kid to take the plastic cookie jar from the top rack on his own. Make sure this activity happens under your supervision. Ask the child to use his brain so as to make the task simple. These activities would help him polish his abilities to solve problems on his own. You can guide or offer hints to the kid so that he stays motivated.