Your Kiddo's Routines Matter!

At this point, life with your child can seem like you are living out your childhood days. Monday to Sunday it is the same schedule again and again, from singing a wake-up song in the morning to giving your child a bath before bedtime at night. 

What you need to know:

Although your child's childhood is something you will look back on and cherish, at the moment, the everyday routine can start to feel pretty dull. But to your little one, it is heavenly. Figure out what tasks need to be done, and then line them up in the same order every day. Your child will love knowing that first he has Cheerios for breakfast at his little table, then he has to get dressed, and then he has to help you feed your pets. The repetitiveness of the experiences helps lay down critical pathways in his brain. When you repeat things over and over, you make those connections much stronger over time. The more robust those mental links become, the more confident and calm your little one will be, knowing that he can predict the next activity in his day. 

Your Kiddo's Routines Matter!




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