Your Kiddo's Thinking Is Now Logical & Organized

Your Kiddo's Thinking Is Now Logical & Organized
Learning Skills
Learning Approaches

Now, your child’s thinking and other cognitive abilities are developing amazingly. He is able to focus better and applies logic and reasoning to solve problems. He will try to seek solution on his own.  He will use his knowledge and experiences to work on a problem before asking for help. This is a great step in being self-reliant. 

He will be a “detective”  seeing clues and putting them together. For instance, solving a puzzle or in a word game. You will see him playing with objects in a more innovative and imaginative way. For instance, he will use a carboard box as his home etc. 

What you need to know

Provide a language rich environment to your bundle of joy. Reading to him daily and encouraging him to try reading on his own will do wonders to his language development. As you read to him ask him questions like, “What do you think will happen next?” or “How do you think the story will end?”

When your little one starts to work on a problem, give him sufficient time. Don’t rush.  Provide a bit of support. Once he finishes the task, he experiences great satisfaction and independence.