Your Kid's Able To Take Up Responsibilities To Be Carried Out On A Regular Basis

Besides taking care of herself, your child can now take up responsibilities on a daily basis. This way she gets the message that being part of the family, she has to make contributions and also learn to be responsible. Putting away the groceries, putting clothes in the washing machine, helping make dinner, setting the table, cleaning the table after dinner, taking the pet for walk, are some of the chores that she can do daily. Your Kid's Able To Take Up Responsibilities To Be Carried Out On A Regular Basis

What you can do

Be specific with instructions. For instance, instead of saying, ''Clean the desk'' you can explicitly say, “Put the pencils in the pencil stand, books in the drawer, waste papers in the dustbin.''

Show the chore first, then let her do it. Once she has mastered the chore, she is on her own. Don’t insist on perfection. On the other hand, praise her efforts. You can take her for a pizza treat or give a small gift when she is consistent and regular.

Don’t rush in. Add tasks one by one. Creating a chore chart will be a wonderful idea where the first column has the  list of chores mentioned and second column a tick mark is made once the chore is done. 




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