Your Kid's Able To Understand The Concept Of Grouping & Division Through Objects

Isn’t it amazing how your little darling is grasping new concepts on a daily basis? Her school has been playing a key role in teaching all the mathematical concepts and real life situations, help at home, reinforce these concepts. Your child by now must have mastered addition, subtraction as well as multiplication and would be moving to learning division. The concept of division is usually introduced through grouping of objects. Your Kid's Able To Understand The Concept Of Grouping & Division Through Objects

What you need to know

Division is one of the most difficult of the 4 basic mathematical operations as it requires a fundamental understanding of grouping. Once your child has learnt to make groups with equal number of objects, it is easier to learn division as a repeated subtraction of each group from the whole. Use real life situation and everyday objects in a play way method to reinforce the concept.

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