Your Kid's Able To Write Short Letters To Family/Friends Using Longer Sentences

Your child uses his imagination, creativity and language while writing a letter to his grandparents, teachers or friends. For instance, your child had visited a museum where he saw a dinosaur or has seen a movie on Dinosaurs. He wants to pen down his thoughts about the visit and write to his grandfather. This opportunity teaches your little one the art of writing a letter along with the basic elements of handwriting like spacing, alignment of words, etc. Your Kid's Able To Write Short Letters To Family/Friends Using Longer Sentences

What you need to know

Writing letters encourages good social skills by being respectful to elders and affectionate to friends. Your child’s letter will be short and sweet. As he finishes his letter, let him put the letter in the nearby postbox,. He waits eagerly for the reply. Similarly, on the other side, receiving a hand written letter from a young child has its own beauty, from handwriting to sharing his dream and experiences. Topics of letter writing can be real as well as imaginary. For instance, writing a letter to Santa, My dream, When I won the race, If I met Chota Bheem, etc.

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