Your Kid’s Achievements Need To Be Celebrated!

Your Kid’s Achievements Need To Be Celebrated!

At this age, there aren't many things that your kiddo has achieved, which needs an wholesome celebration. Celebration of your child's achievement is a must. No matter how big or small it is, you can always put an effort to make it special. 

What you need to know:

Your little one is at an age, where all he needs and understands is love and care. He is yet to be completely understand verbal gestures, hence action works better. A clap for everything is probably all that he might be looking for. So, be generous with claps and hoots. This encourages him to work better. Your celebrations needs to be impromptu. Your little one is not looking for a dine out after he has picked up his toys after play. A loud clap, a cuddly hug and a sweet kiss does wonders. It brings a sense of security. Appreciation gestures are big confidence boosters. 'Yes I can do it' !! He may not say so, but certainly feels. Your child feels wanted and a sense of belonging, when he is being appreciated. So do that generously!