Your Kid's Aware Of The Geography Of The Place He Lives In & Associated Things

Your child has excellent picture memory skills at this age. Kids this age are generally very interested in everything that is happening around them. A little drive around the neighborhood means an opportunity to learn new things. So, your kiddo is most interested in looking out of the window and observes things around him. This observation skill is helping him learn and remember things. He will be associating some things on the way to the route, like a candy store on the way to school, an ice-cream vendor on the way to the park, a lovely pink house on the way to his friend’s house, etc. Your Kid's Aware Of The Geography Of The Place He Lives In & Associated Things

What you need to know

Knowing the route is an important skill that your child should learn. It would really help if your child knows the way back home from school, from the nearby market, his friends’ homes or some of the places nearby that he visits most often. You can also take him around and make him learn some of the routes just in case he needs to get home on his own.




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