Your Kid's Healthy Eating Habits Can Be Nurtured Well Now

Healthy eating habit is a gift that you can give to your child for his life. It is always a struggle between eating healthy and eating tasty. Kids will always love to eat tasty because they do not yet understand the concept of eating healthy. Eating habits that your child picks up at this age is going to last for his lifetime. Healthy eating, portion control, weight management, low sugar intake are some of the habits that should be inculcated at this age.Your Kid's Healthy Eating Habits Can Be Nurtured Well Now

What you need to know

To inculcate healthy eating habits in your kids, we should try to guide them rather than force them. Lead by example. Be the model of the kind of healthy eating and lifestyle that you want your child to have. Encourage your child to eat slowly, have more family meals together and involve your child in deciding the menu and grocery shopping. Plan the snacks well in advance to avoid snacking on chips and cookies and also discourage eating in front of the television.




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