Your Kid's Knack of Reading Needs A Boost At This Stage

Your Kid's Knack of Reading Needs A Boost At This Stage

At this stage, since your child's brain is able to grasp more, his knack of reading too gets better. Have you ever noticed your child’s expression when you read them a story-book? Their eyes are full of sheer joy and they experience such happiness when you make faces or show them the images in the story.
What you need to know
Kids are inherent lovers of books and they enjoy when you narrate them stories. But as they grow older and join preschool, they should be taught how to read. You can encourage them by following simple practices, such as asking them to narrate you a story. Be amused at whatever they may say, even if that sounds absurd.

Go beyond books. Let them read things on board games or on that DVD box or even the captions on television or your grocery. Reading is a habit that goes beyond mere books. Do make sure that you keep it fun for everyone by letting the kid feel involved. You can ask them to spell words or play games related to reading. This will expose your child to a variety of books and reading ideas available for exploration!