Your Kid's Likely To Experience Bedtime Battles At This Stage

With a bunch of changes happening at this stage, your child is most likely to face the problems of problem sleeping or bedtime battles.

Most parents narrate their child’s bedtime tales and battles like war stories. Seriously, putting a child to sleep every night can be a battle for a lot of parents. Kids can get up too often or they may refuse to sleep altogether. Then, there are children who will throw tantrums, yell or even cry if they don’t wish to sleep. Consequently, the next morning they wouldn’t be ready to go to school.

What you need to know

So, how do you deal with your little brat and fix those bedtime battles? Well, there are a few things that you should try, such as making sure that the bedtime is early. Now, your child can’t go off to sleep when you decide to sleep. They need longer sleep times. So, make sure that child doesn’t stay up for long. Move the bedtime 30 minutes ahead of the normal time so that they still have abundant sleep even if they throw a tantrum or fight before sleeping. Keeping the bedtime consistent and not changing the time on weekends might help.

Winding down time

At the same time, it is important that your child winds down before the sleep or they will be too active during the bedtime. Therefore, avoid feeding them too much sugar before bedtime. Meanwhile, establish a routine, with something like a small bath or brushing and changing to night clothes so that your child knows that sleep-time is coming.

Your Kid's Likely To Experience Bedtime Battles At This Stage




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