Your Kid's Likely To Find It Difficult To Wait For Some Special Occasions


Practicing self- control is challenging, however with the developing brain, trust, practice and setting empathic limits, this can be achieved. Your child at this stage will find waiting for something special or any occasion difficult and you have to be prepared. For instance, if he can’t wait for noodles that is being prepared, you can say lovingly, “The noodles are almost cooked. Let’s drain it and mix with the vegetables.” This way you are involving him, which distracts him for a while and also gives the assurance that food is almost ready.

Your Kid's Likely To Find It Difficult To Wait For Some Special Occasions

What you need to know

Practice self- control yourself. Stay calm and compassionate with your child.

Never be rude to your child when he is desperate for something. Also, don’t rush in and take action.  Please avoid passing your anxiety to him. Be loving and if needed involve him. 

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