Your Kid's Now A Keen Observer & Wants To Know Everything

Your Kid's Now A Keen Observer & Wants To Know Everything
7 to 8 years child growth

Every outing with your kid is real fun now, isn’t it? Your child is so inquisitive and wants to know about everything. Why the butterfly has colored wings, where does rain comes from, why is the rose wilted today, why is the water so cold? Your little darling is full of questions and his keen observation skill makes him ask about every little thing. 

What you need to know

With their advanced cognitive skills, kids this age are keen observers and very inquisitive. They want to learn about everything around them. Things that you would not even notice, your child will observe and want to know about it. As parents we will have to support and encourage this nature in our children. The thirst for knowledge is the best thing that your child has right now and you must not let it die. If you do not know the answer, there is no harm in letting your child know that you will read about it and get back but never try to dissuade the child from gaining knowledge.