Your Kid's Now Able To Maintain Proper Eye Contact While Talking

Eye contact is  a very important social skill. It establishes who you are talking to and also what you are thinking about. By now, your child uses appropriate eye contact while conversing with his peers, friends and elders. This basic skill leads to positive social interaction with others.

What you need to know

Praise your child when he looks at you and talks. You can say, “I like how you look into my eyes when I communicate with you.”

Your Kid's Now Able To Maintain Proper Eye Contact While Talking

Reinforcing eye contact through direct instruction that are small and specific steps will help him grasp this skill. For instance, you can say, “We look into the eyes of the person who is talking”, “We don’t look down while talking”, “When you are looking into the eyes of other child and talking, it means, you are paying attention to what he says”. Through practice and patience your child will learn to make eye contact. 

If your child avoids eye contact, don’t make a big deal of his behaviour or label him. Practice with him. You can also consult his paediatrician for suggestions.




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