Your Kid's Now Able To Tell The Differences & Similarities Between 2 Objects

Your little darling has keen observing skills and this he keeps displaying when he points out details that you may fail to notice. His thinking and analytical skills have also increased a lot. Now he can look at two pictures and compare them. He can easily point out the similarities and differences in these pictures. Every object will go through his scrutiny and with his knowledge of size, color, texture, etc. he can now compare two objects and state his likes and dislikes.Your Kid's Now Able To Tell The Differences & Similarities Between 2 Objects

What you need to know

Your child’s keen observation skills are something that you should nurture as it will go a long way in making him successful in many fields. There are many different games that you can introduce in your child’s life that will help hone his observing powers. Encourage your child to always be observant and ask about what he saw in the park that day during the dinner time. This way he will not only learn to observe but will also remember and learn to narrate it in a conversational form.

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