Your Kid's Now Independent In Taking Care Of His Daily Self Care Routine

Your child is now highly independent when it comes to doing his self care needs. Be it dressing and undressing, brushing and other hygiene habits, cleaning himself after play, serving food for himself and eating, preparing a simple snack like a sandwich, doing the bedtime ritual, preparing his bag for the next day, etc. all are done by him. This way you are raising a self-sufficient child. Your Kid's Now Independent In Taking Care Of His Daily Self Care Routine

What you need to know

The earlier you start inculcating the self care skills, the better. Encouragement along with consistency is the key here. Give him enough time to master a task on his own. Don’t be critical and suggest positive ways to do a task well. 

If your child does not cooperate, be firm and set deadlines. This way your child gets the message that routine cannot be skipped or messed with. Soon you will see he does it on his own. 

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