Your Kid's Postures Are Now Becoming Better- Time For Some Coordination

Your Kid's Postures Are Now Becoming Better- Time For Some Coordination
Muscle Strength

Your child at this age will now advance and gain new skills in the area of posture building as well as coordination. Coordination and challenges that could not be performed before such as hopping, skipping and balancing are now easier to attempt for your little champ.

What you need to know

Your child is more agile and athletic during this stage than before. During this stage your child’s actions primarily involve the movement of muscles in the body. The movement of arms, legs, and feet together for the purposes of crawling, running, or jumping usually develops together since many activities depend on this coordination. The basic pattern for this development is starting from trunk to extremities. That is, your child’s head control develops first, followed by the shoulders, upper arms, and hands.

Variety of physical movements

Your child is usually very active physically. By the age of two years, children have begun to develop a variety of actions. They can run fairly well and negotiate stairs holding on to a banister with one hand and putting both feet on each step before going on to the next one. Most infants this age climb and have a rudimentary ability to kick and throw a ball. By the age of three, your children walk with good posture without watching their feet. They can also walk backwards and run with enough control for sudden stops or changes of direction.