Your Kid's Pretend Play May Now Become More Complex

Your Kid's Pretend Play May Now Become More Complex
6y to 7y

Your child now has a good understanding  about the diference between real and pretend play. When he is into pretend play, he can dive into the characters with ease and also remain clear about who he is in reality.

Pretend play takes over an all new and complex level now. Earlier, he focussed and enjoyed playing his part alone while now he is able to relate to not only his role but sees the play in its entirety.  He will be interacting with his peers, offer ideas, take turns etc. For instance,  he may pretend to be a teacher while his friend or younger brother may be the student. They may also change roles and enact a classroom scene.

What you need to know

Encourage your child when he comes up with rich and innovative ideas of pretend play. You can also suggest ideas, provide props but let him execute using his cognitive abilities. Please remember pretend play is a great learning tool that nurtures your child’s imagination and creativity.

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