Your Li'l Darling Can Now Communicate With You In An Adult-Like Language

Your child now uses sophisticated language to express his opinions and experiences. He can also carry on more adult like conversations. He will be fluent in speaking and the conversation will have meaning and purpose. He will be taking turns, use clarifying strategy by asking questions like, “Can you please repeat what you said” and understands the difference in the way language is used in different scenarios, like in a classroom, in the playground, etc. You will see him getting to be a better listener and consider others views during the conversation.Your Li'l Darling Can Now Communicate With You In An Adult-Like Language

What you need to know

Provide your darling child with plenty of opportunities where he uses language for varied purposes in different scenarios. As he talks to you, his peers, his friends, teachers, and elders, he will develop more of adult like speech and become a confident communicator.

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