Your Li'l Darling Can Now Count 3-Digit Numbers Backward

Your kid now has highly developed thinking ability and number skills. Your child can now count all 3 digit numbers. He is able to do so because he has understood the concept of numbers and counting. He is able to apply a host of strategies to solve simple problems of 3 digit numbers and this includes counting backwards as well. Your child can apply his mind to simple word problems that require simple mathematics operations like addition, subtraction and multiplication. Your Li'l Darling Can Now Count 3-Digit Numbers Backward

What you need to know

It is important to remember that every child is unique and develops at his own pace. Your child’s development is greatly influenced by many factors like the environment that he gets and his experiences. Your involvement at this age in making him understand and generate an interest in the new concepts that he is learning will determine his future interest in different subjects.




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