Your Li'l Darling Is Now Able To Write 5-8 Letters Using A Pencil

After your strenuous pencil holding sessions, now your darling is able to write letters and they can’t keep their happiness on their achievement. Now that they are able to write 5-8 letters consecutively using their now found tool called pencil, it up to you to help them write words with it as well. 

What you need to know

You should focus on teaching them simple and familiar words of objects like hat, cat, mat, rat, egg, etc. which they will be come across on day to day life. Buy them some simple writing books, where they can write on dotted lines and improve their writing from early stage only. If necessary, don’t be reluctant in holding their hands to help them write properly.

Your Li'l Darling Is Now Able To Write 5-8 Letters Using A Pencil




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