Your Li'l Darling Will Now Be Able To Write Her First Name

Writing his own name is going to be a major achievement in your child’s life. Now that he has the muscle strength and coordination to hold a pencil and make strokes with it, he will be scribbling all over the place. Forming the letters and writing his name will be a fun game for him. 

What you need to know

At what age your child starts writing his name will depend on many factors like when he starts school and has he been taught at home. If your child recognizes the letters and knows the sound that the letters make then he may be ready to learn to write his name. If your child is showing an interest in learning to write his name, do encourage him. In case he is still not interested, do not get disheartened. He will get around to it at his own pace and in his own time.

Your Li'l Darling Will Now Be Able To Write Her First Name




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