Your Little Angel Is Now Able To Thread Large Beads Into The Shoe Lace

Your Little Angel Is Now Able To Thread Large Beads Into The Shoe Lace
Eye-Hand movement
Motor development

At this age your kid is able to perform many activities related to hand and eye coordination. Eye-hand coordination is a complex neurological process which should be encouraged from a tender age. Similar activities are a source to develop the motor skills of your child.

What you need to know

Playing is very essential at this age for eye-hand coordination. The activity of threading beads is only one example, likewise in everyday life he should be given things to play with, grab his toys etc. to improve upon his eye-hand coordination. The more you practice certain games the more easier your task becomes. Make a list of activities which involves eye-hand coordination. Your kiddo should be able to write letters, color between the lines, feed himself, etc. As years go by these activities become more sophisticated. He starts becoming more independent. Still he needs your supervision to perform his daily chores. Everyday your child is learning something new. He may sometimes not follow your instructions as he may not understand. So be patient with him. At the same time set certain limits for him.

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