Your Little Angel Will Now Use All Consonants Comfortably

From a baby who was able to make only little sounds, your little one has come a long way. She is now actively learning language and you will find her speaking more fluently.

What you need to know

At this point, your child’s vocabulary has increased tremendously. She is learning new words daily by listening to you and other people speaking around her. With her growing vocabulary she may be able to speak complex sentences by joining five or six words. She starts showing basic understanding of grammar. She will be using all of the consonants more comfortably. Also, she will be using 'on/in' in her sentences. Though she may pronounce some of her words incorrectly, there will be clarity in her speech which even other adults may understand. 

Your Little Angel Will Now Use All Consonants Comfortably

It is normal for your kid to pronounce words differently but there is no need to correct her every time as it can lead to frustration. Just give her simple reminders as how to speak properly. As most children develop at their own pace don’t worry if your child has not reached her milestone by this time. You will notice that with your support and encouragement she will be able to make progress in her development.




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