Your Little Artist Might Be Using Art As A Form Of Communication

At this age, your little artist could be possibly drawing doodling around almost all the time. With her grip tightening, you might notice her drawing pictures with pencils, color them with crayons and will want to explore with paint. Your child is capable of differentiating colors and using them appropriately all by herself. She might also have a preferred color that she tends to use it more frequently. 

What you need to know Your Little Artist Might Be Using Art As A Form Of Communication

You can see more of self-portraits, picture of houses, cars, superheroes, fairies, butterflies, trees, mountains and other nature’s gifts. Some might be taught in school, some by friends, and some by self-observation. Keep an eye on these pictures as they might give a clue to the child’s feelings and emotions at times. They might represent their wishes, likes and even fears.

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